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Boisnob podabali / Vaishnava Padavali

Vaishnava Padavali

The asset of Bengali literature
boisnob podabali

Based on Radha Krishna's love story, Boishnab Padabali was created in the medieval period of Bangla literature. Boisnav Podabali is not a single poem written by a single poet. This is a collection of poems for several hundred years. This poetry received a religious form after the appearance of Sri Chaitanyadev.
Before the appearance of Chaitanya, many poets have published poetry on Radha Krishna's love, but none of them were Boishnab. The spiritual aspects did not appear in their compositions. They express only the fancy of Radha Krishna's love story. For this reason, some of them did not favor the writings of the pre-latent episode as Boisnav literature. But in the history of Bengali literature, they are known and discussed as Boishnab literature.
boisob podaboli
In the twelfth century, the first poem of this series is 'Getagobindam' written in the Sanskrit language. Later in the fourteenth century, 'Baru Chandidas' was written  Srikrishnakirtan, This is the first poem written in Bengali. A poet named 'Chandidas' appeared in the second half of this century. He wrote many verses of Radhakrishna's love affair. Later, many Bengali poets wrote Boishnavpad. In the meantime, Muslim poets, inspired by Sufism, wrote many Boishnav poems.
Sri Chaitanyadev, at the very young age, took a vow of Baishnav from his Guru and continued to live like a monk. He used to enjoy the joy of Joydev, Vidyapati, and Chandidas. By its, Krishna - Radha's love deeply influence him.
Subsequently, Shri Chaitanya Dev emerged as a proponent of Boishnab religion. A religious movement started in the whole of Bengal on his thought. He assimilates Radha Krishna's loving relationship with God and it’s creation. According to him, 'Radha and Krishna are symbols of the supreme soul and living soul. Radha's love-seeking is in the way of our lives'. Originally the concept of Shri Chaitanya Dev is the fundamental basis of Vaisnavism.
Chaitanyadev formed a religious movement across the country with the help of many devotees, which is known in the history as Boishnab movement. Through this, the horizon of Radhakrishna's love story spreads. BoishnavbPadabali has been written from the 16th to the 18th century. The lyrical and grammatical rhythmic composition called 'Pad'. Each sentence of love has been adopted and written in each verse. Poets imposed the metaphor of divine glory and spirituality in the love affairs of
Radhakrishna. To them, Boishnab poetry was the classical language of Vaishnavism.
It is difficult to say how many poets have written a number of verses in the Boishnab verses. Manuscripts of other poets, except for two or four, were not found. Perhaps they did not write it; Poetry was promoted in the face of the Kirtan singers. Among them, Jnanadas, Govindadas, Chandidas, Kabiranjan, Yadunandan etc. are among the claimants of greatness. Their artistic positions have gained universal literature by spreading the religion. In describing Radha Krishna's romance, the Boishnab poets also touched the feelings of the people of the earth. In the language of their thoughts, one meaning of Boishnab poems have gone towards spiritualism, another meaning is to fulfill the fancy of love and happiness in the common people. According to critics, some terms can easily be placed in the field of world literature. Undoubtedly the poems of Vidyapati, Chandidas, Jnanadas, and Govinda Das are such a classical poetry and dignitary.

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