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Srikrisnokirton - History of Bengali language.

A deep love story 

krisno and radha
After the ‘Charjapod’ ‘Srikrishnakirton’ is the oldest inventory of the Bengali language. Its importance in the history of Bengali linguistics is immense. On the other hand, this is the first epic poem written in Bengal. It is believed that through the path of this book, the path of the next Bengali literature is accessible.
Baru Chandidas, a Bengali medieval poet named as a writer of Srikrishnakirton.
 In 1909 (1316 BS) Professor and Principal of Bangla Department of Calcutta University, Basantranjan Roy, the scholar, invented Srikrishna Kirtan Puthi from Debendranath Mukherjee's house at Kakila village of Bankura district of West Bengal. In 1916 In the editorship of Basantranjan Roy, the literary council published the book "Srikrishnakirton".
krisno radha

The background of those poems is Krishna's birth, his love for Radha in Brindaban with the help of Barari, and finally leaving both Vrindavan and Radha, Krishna goes to Mathura forever. Analysts consider the poetry as mere literature, although many people regard it as a religious book too.
The book is divided into 13 chapters. Birth division, Tambul division, Dan division, naoka division, Bindabon division etc are 12 parts. The last part is only 'Radha biroho'. That’s mean Separation. The last pages of the book were not found. The date of poetry is not known as fragmented by the book. The main three characters of the poem - Krishna, Radha, Boraie.
This story revolves around the character of Radha Krishna completely, centered on their love, dignity and mutual love. Some have said, this poem can be used to tell stories. Because in almost every post there are conversations. That is, the dialogue-dependency in the drama, even if it is not exactly full of drama in this play, has its signature in every line of the poem.
Instead of Radha-Krishna's spiritualism, Varu Chandidas wrote about the love relationship with Srikrishna and Radha. It is The explain the depth of love. Though the description of the poetry is a happy text for the reader, it is not readable because of the original language obscenity.
Trying to make a translation-
“Come on, come on, save my life.
 I can not bear the pain of love.
In Spring calling the cocoon
My heart burns in estrangement”
“Take me away to him
I have filled the river of desire.”

Although CHARJAPOD was said to be the original form of Bangle language, in reality, it cannot be called a poem was written in the ideal Bangle language. Through the poetry of 'Srikrishnakirton', there is a great improvement in the Bengali language as well as in terms of poetry. The book was able to place Bangla language in a dignified place and was able to promote poetry in a little more artistic way.

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