Thursday, September 27, 2018

India VS China - Who will lead in South Asia?

'COMCASA' agreement

On one hand, joint military exercises of Russia and China, on the other, the military cooperation agreement between India and the United States. So there is an indication of the change in the position of global power centering around South Asia's geopolitics.
india vs chin
On July 6, the important meeting between US Secretary of State ‘Mike Pompeo’ and Defense Minister ‘James Mattis’, India's Foreign Minister ‘Sushma Swaraj’ and Defense Minister ‘Nirmala Sitaraman’, gave India-US relations at a new height.

It has been known in the diplomatic world as 2 + 2 Dialogues or Dialogue.
It is also a sign of  Asia.  That ’s would be a part of all the activities of the world, center of gravity. This 2 + 2 meeting in Delhi was supposed to be in Washington long ago. But it could not be due to the US objection. But behind all objections, two top American policymakers have rushed to Delhi and signed a very important agreement for both countries.

Title of the agreement- “Communication Compatibility and Security Agreement-COMCASA”

Outside of this agreement, both countries agreed in 2019 about the largest joint military exercise in the Indian Ocean. As a result of this agreement, both countries will now be aware of mutually sensitive confidential military communications.

India can get two more benefits. The US has a monitoring system on Pakistan, by this, the advance information about Pakistan militant terrorists will reach India even if the United States gets it. To establish this communication system, India will purchase all the necessary equipment from the US and through this modern technology will also come to India. There is a need to focus on a few more things to understand the relationship between India - USA. The United States recently rated India the Strategic Trade Authorization-1 (STA-1). As a result, it will be easy for the US administration to SELL high technology, including defense and nuclear technology to India. America offers this facility to only 37 countries around the world. Among the beneficiaries of the whole of Asia, India is the third country. Earlier, Japan and South Korea got the benefit.

COMCASA signature was possible on 6th September in Delhi due to the exemption given by the United States. India still maintains a balanced relationship with China and Russia, although the contradiction and competition between China and China with this region is nothing new.

To be continued...

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